A Guide To A Dog’s Healthy Diet: Things To Look Out For

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Imagine the first day you laid eyes upon your dog. All the misconceptions, doubts, second thoughts you had about him or she would have vanished in an instance. It is quite the commitment. If you are not a pet owner, you would see that having a pet can be troublesome. They need to be trained in order ensure they don’t overturn the house, they need to be attended on a regular basis or they would feel lonely, and most importantly, once they leave you, you doubt whether or not you would be able to cope. Yet still, you would go for it.Dog owners would agree that having a dog is one of the best things in their lives. But that is why you need to take care of them properly. One of the most vital aspects of having a dog is his diet. Apart from the nutritional aspect of it, choosing the right food for your dog can be quite tricky. But bearing in mind the following points, your burden might be eased a bit more.

Digestion and absorption of nutrition

Although dogs have teeth that are quite scary and can even chew through bones and even your couch, their digestive processes and the underlying absorption of nutrition can be quite different. In fact, it is very sensitive. Apart from the bacteria lining the digestive tract, dogs find it really hard to digest hard food. Especially in the case of puppies, giving your pup the grain free pet food can do miracles. The grain less formula will enable easy digestions and efficient absorption of nutrients.

Dry food v wet food

In the market, you have both the choice of wet food and dry food. While they both have their advantages, which permits to say that a mixture of the two would be the best option for your dog, there are some things about dry dog food that most are unaware of. The dog – unlike a cat – has no problem with fluid intake: if fed only dry food, they will drink more water to keep their hydration at optimum levels. Furthermore, it gives many benefits because the dog is chewing the food thereby strengthening their teeth and massaging their gum. Additionally, it helps with teeth cleaning. Therefore, giving your dog the best grain free dry dog food will be the best option.

Smell not taste

Dogs unlike humans, don’t give two hoots about the plating of the food, its color, the way it’s presented or any of those things. In fact, taste for them is a secondary matter. While humans have around 10, 000 taste buds, dogs only have a mere 1,700. Their primary instinct is to go for the smell. The smell perception of dogs when compared to humans are drastic. While humans have around 3 – 4 cm2 of olfactory mucosa, dogs have 18 -150 cm2!

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