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Styling The Big Day Celebrations!

Planning for the biggest day of your life? A wedding is a very important chapter in your life and that of your partner, and it is only natural that you want to celebrate in style. But how exactly can you style your wedding in a way that it maximizes its aesthetic all the while not blowing up your budget? Below are some helpful tips to consider:

  • Start by understanding your wants – prior to looking for wedding decoration hire Perth, you need to know what exactly you want your wedding to be like, and look like. You might already know this, but style and beauty is a subjective concept – different people like different things. What might please you might not please other people, and that is perfectly okay. The style of your wedding has to resonate with what you feel is beautiful. As such, start by understanding your wants – what do you and your partner believe best describe your selves and your personality? Make a list of words and things that appeal to you: you might see a pattern and make a theme out of it relatively easily.
  • Organize your ideas – once you have a list of everything you want, you now need to organize it and refine it – do not incorporate everything in your list (unless you want a very bizarre wedding reception Brisbane). Try to find a common ground in the list you made: for example, if you want a lot of different flowers for your wedding, a garden wedding might be a very good complementary choice, as opposed to a beach wedding or the like. Conversely, if you are a fan of exotic locations, you might want to pair that with a beach wedding, which often has affordable wedding packages.
  • Find the right crew for your needs – and once you have your theme down pat, it is time to look for the professionals who will help you bring your theme to life. Keep in mind that professionals will likely want to tweak your ideas to some extent: this is due to their experience and knowledge of practicality, and it often helps to listen to their ideas as well (both because of budgetary restrictions and aesthetic appeal). Try to find professionals who have worked with ideas similar to yours – for example, they have worked on a similar venue or theme previously. This will greatly help you have a more coordinated wedding and reception.
  • Do not forget DIY! – And finally, when styling, know that do-it-yourself options are not tacky or a sign of skimping on your celebrations. In fact, they can look very adorable and in tune with your theme, especially if you want to opt for a more relaxed atmosphere. Whether it is making your own placards for the reception or baking the desserts, keep in mind that DIY jobs can also be exhausting and time-consuming, so make sure you can actually do them before taking on the task.